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Are you searching for licensed home inspectors in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, or Connecticut? At CMS Home Inspection, we have years of experience and understand the concerns regarding owning a home in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and eastern Connecticut.

Our thorough home inspections provide the tools necessary for you to understand the structure behind any potential property, as well as necessary repairs. A quality inspection report can mean the difference between owning your dream home and buying a house that falls short.

Making it Easier to Shop with Confidence

CMS Home Inspection provides thorough home inspections from the roof to the foundation by a licensed and certified home inspector. From detailing any necessary repairs to sharing valuable home maintenance tips, we strive to inform each client of their initial findings. Once the inspection is complete, we share a detailed home inspection report with our clients, including photos and videos. Ultimately, homebuyers are left with a clearer understanding of their new home.

Some of the services provided by CMS Home Inspection involve a wood-destroying organism inspection, which is included with every home inspection. We offer additional services, such as mold, radon, septic, and well inspections at reasonable prices. Any findings resulting from our home inspections, including add-on services, are conveniently included in the home inspection report.

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Should You Choose CMS Home Inspection for Your Home?

We provide a
Thorough Inspection

If you are in need of a residential inspection, one of our inspectors will gladly come to inspect your home. Simply tell us where the property is located, and we will show up to conduct a thorough inspection.

Why Hire Us?

CMS Home Inspection offers thorough inspections with detailed reports delivered quickly. CMS Home Inspection uses the latest tech for both report writing and inspecting.

Detailed Visual Inspection Reports

Need further insight into your prospective purchase? Our detailed modern inspection report services shed light on your total home inspection, keeping clients up-to-date. In doing so, you are poised to make better decisions regarding your future major purchase.

How Can You Make an Informed Purchase Decision?


home inspection rhode island

Deciding to buy a house is no easy task. At CMS Home Inspection, we have your best interest in mind. Providing detailed reports encompasses everything our business is built upon, offering peace of mind so you can make the right decision for your purchase. By utilizing a multi-point checklist, buyers and real estate agents alike are given insight into the home’s potential problems and overall condition, ensuring no stone is left unturned.

Once we inspect a home, we are poised to provide you with valuable information about your potential new house. By focusing on consumer education, our home inspectors leave each client better equipped to move forward through the whole process. Having access to an accurate property assessment enables you to decide whether you should make the purchase, or look at a few homes instead. Your decision won’t be left up to chance, and your closing process will go smoothly.

A quality detailed report serves as a great tool, detailing various discoveries resulting from the inspection process, such as the condition of the exterior and interior components, structural components, heating, and more. This information may also serve to educate owners regarding any future and immediate repairs of the house. Homeowners are poised to plan appropriately, budgeting for the future needs of the structure, should they decide to move forward after property inspections are complete.

Find a Professional Home Inspector in RI, MA & CT

home inspectionsAs a home inspection business servicing Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut, we are fully licensed and knowledgeable. Our services are conducted by professionals fully capable of imparting peace

 of mind to any first-time homebuyer. When the future owner of a new home is placed in good hands, they are confident in their inspection experience.

The job of our professional home inspectors is to supply complete and thorough inspections, providing all the information to first-time homebuyers. When it comes to making an informed decision about your entire house, CMS Home Inspection is the best choice whether you’re in Rhode Island, Massachusetts or eastern Connecticut. From titan real estate agents to first-time home buyers, our company strives to provide a better inspection experience.

Even a new home can have numerous problems to identify. If you need a home inspector in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, or Connecticut, look no further than CMS Home Inspection. Your typical professional inspector company will inspect your house, answer a few questions, and move on to the next job. We strive to educate the home buyer and provide essential home inspection information in detailed reports.

At CMS Home Inspection, it’s our goal to provide an owner with high-quality service throughout the whole inspection process, even if it’s their first time buying. We offer a variety of home inspection services, including mold inspections and testing, radon testing,  pest inspections, well and septic system inspections. If you’re looking to buy or sell a home, please call us today!

Kind Words From Our Happy Clients!

Our past clients think we have done an amazing job with our home inspections, why not see what their reviews have to say? You can read some of them below.

I am in the process of purchasing my first home and a quick google search of home inspectors in RI led me to CMS Home Inspection. Sam was incredibly responsive and sent me the agreement and i paid online (he even gave me a discount that he’s running for the month of July!) I was able to get a home inspection literally two days later.On the day of the inspection, Sam arrived first with my realtor and he went straight to work, wasting no time. He was very thorough and explained everything in terms that a new homeowner would understand. He took me through each area he found was an issue and went over it with me.The next day, he sent over the report which listed everything he found ranging from minor concern to moderate to severe.Sam made it a point to also reach out to touch base on some concerns he had which i thought was great customer service!Highly recommend Sam and CMS Home Inspections!
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Amanda Loi Avatar
Amanda Loi
VERY SATISFIED CUSTOMER!!!!!!I’m a first time home buyer new to all this. Sam from CMS Home inspection came out to complete my home inspection this past weekend. Sam was very personable and knowledgeable. Sam explained the whole inspection process in detail. He also assured me that he would perform a full and thorough inspection of the home/property, and this is exactly what he did.Every step of the way, he pointed out important issues, and kept reassuring me that I was in good hands. This man was AWESOME!!! I was super stressed when I showed up for the appointment, but it turned quickly to a sense of calm after hearing from him.I HIGHLY recommend Sam from CMS Home inspection to complete your inspection needs! Keep up the GREAT work u do Sam! On a scale from 1-5, he deserves a “5” from me.Sincerely one Happy customer!Paul D. Lopes
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Paul Lopes Avatar
Paul Lopes
Sam was FANTASTIC!!!!! This is our first time buying a home and if that isn't overwhelming enough, the house was built in 1900. With that said we had know idea what was going to be found in a house that old. He was very professional and you could tell he actually enjoys his job! He was extremely thorough with his inspection and explained everything in a way we could understand it. He let us know what could be a potential issue without scaring us. Everything he brought to our attention during the actually inspection was in his written report. We left the inspection feeling confident in the knowledge we had. We would HIGHLY recommend to him to anyone looking for a home inspection. Sam, we THANK YOU!!!!
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Alisha Cresci
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