Well Inspections

Are you interested in purchasing a Rhode Island, Massachusetts, or Connecticut home with a well? Ensure the safety of your drinking water with a private well inspection, or other home inspection services designed to determine overall integrity. CMS Home Inspection offers private well water systems testing and well inspections to ensure the proper function of residential wells.

What Happens During a Well Inspection

  • Certified Lab performs water quality tests
  • Inspect the well head
  • Inspect the pressure tank
  • Inspect water treatment systems
  • Inspect the well pump (if located in the home)
  • Perform a functional flow test of the home’s water

Our Well Flow Test Services

A functional flow test consists of running water at the home’s exterior spigot, measuring the gallons per minute (GPM) and pressure (PSI). The inspector runs 150 gallons for a one-bedroom home plus an additional 50 gallons per additional bedroom. The inspector will also run multiple fixtures throughout the home to check for any issues such as drops in water pressure. This is to ensure there is sufficient pressure, as well as enough water present in the well to supply to the home.

Well Inspection RI MA

Well Inspection RI, MA & CT

Maintaining a high-quality water supply for your family is of the utmost importance. CMS Home Inspection offers several well water quality testing packages for potential buyers and property owners to choose from. Our well testing packages either meet or exceed FHA & VA minimum standards.

Are you ready to schedule your next well system inspection? CMS Home Inspection offers home and well inspection services to homes in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and the surrounding area. Contact CMS Home Inspection today to schedule your well inspection today.