Sewer Scope Inspections

A sewer scope inspection is one of the most commonly overlooked aspects of home inspections during real estate transactions. While a damaged sewer line can cost thousands of dollars to repair, most potential homeowners choose to forego having a sewer scope inspection performed. This is due to the fact that sewer inspection services aren’t typically included in the cost of a standard home inspection.

Serving Rhode Island, Massachusetts & Connecticut

CMS Home Inspection understands exactly how valuable additional services are to home inspections, saving clients a good deal of money in the long run. We provide this type of sewer inspection to potential homebuyers across the states of RI, MA, and CT. If you are planning to buy a home in the RI and surrounding areas, a sewer camera inspection can mean the difference between costly repairs and peace of mind.

Understanding Sewer Inspections

What exactly is involved with a sewer inspection, and why is it so important? A sewer camera inspection is exactly what it sounds like. CMS Home Inspection will come to the property to inspect the sewer line to the home, by inserting a flexible borescope camera into the pipes. The video camera inspection involves a camera being guided into the home’s sewer line.

How Do Sewer Inspections Work?

CMS Home Inspection conducts this type of sewer inspection services of the sewer line to look for various sewer problems or additional damage, such as: cracks, tree roots that have grown through the pipe, drainage issues, or any other potential concerns. The entire process takes about an hour to complete. Your inspector will explain any findings, provided within a detailed, written report with photos and videos. This generally includes specifics surrounding the sewer line’s overall condition, drains, and more.

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The Benefits of a Sewer Scope Inspection

Should you even bother with a sewer scope inspection? Septic inspections can mean the difference between paying for costly repairs or the joy and peace of mind that comes with enjoying your new home. Here are just a few of the benefits associated with investing toward the inspection of a property’s sewer line.

  • Save Money & Headaches
    The cost of repairing a sewer pipe can easily cost more than $125 per foot of pipe. However, when sewer scope inspections are performed it can save you thousands of dollars in the event it uncovers issues within a home’s sewer pipe.
  • More Leverage When Negotiating a Home Purchase
    If you notice damage to the home’s piping when making an offer on a piece of real estate, you can negotiate concessions and repairs from the home seller, or exercise your inspection contingency to back out of the sale.
  • Peace of Mind
    Sewer scope inspections are very affordable, imparting valuable peace of mind to homebuyers alike. Once the results are in, you will have a better understanding of the condition of your pipes. Plus, if there is an issue, repairing it early will go great lengths in saving time and money. 

Sewer Inspection RI, MA, CT

CMS Home Inspection offers quick and affordable sewer scope inspections in an effort to save clients thousands of dollars (should an issue be found). So, whether you’re considering buying a new home, or suspect sewer issues within your current home’s sewer line, you should definitely consider a sewer scope inspection.

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Are you concerned with signs of a drainage issue, root intrusion, a clogged pipe, debris, leaks, and more? Tree roots and even storms can quickly become part of a bigger problem when it comes to damaged sewer and drain systems. CMS Home Inspection will inspect the problem areas of your current or future residential location, in order to avoid major repairs due to blockages and more. Schedule your next camera inspection appointment, by contacting us today.